Responsible Breeding of Toy Poodles

Located East of Atlanta in Athens, Georgia

Abounding Poodles
of Athens, Georgia
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We have shipped several of our puppies and have never had any problems in the past. We like to use Delta Airlines but arrangements can be made to ship the puppy through other carriers also.  Shipping usually costs less than $250 depending on the destination and airline of choice. 

There is a $100 extra charge for the Health Certification that is issued so the puppy can fly. That is mandatory by the government.  This extra charge pays for this special vet visit and issuing of this document.  It also helps to cover our expenses to / from the Atlanta Airport which is 4 hr round trip and the travel crate that can also later be used to crate train (housebreak) your pet.

The total rough estimate for shipping a dog is about $350 or so.  This includes everything.