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Male or Female?: If you are looking for a pet, I'm partial to the males.  Here is why.

This article was not written by me.  I so believe that males do make better pets than females that I will always have it posted regardless of what gender puppy I have available.  I think that adding the viewpoint of another breeder will help you know that this opinion is not just mine.

Pet Quality vs. Show Quality: What is Pet Quality?  What is Show Quality?

Official AKC Toy Poodle Standard With Pictures: One thing I don't like in Toy Poodles are the big, bulging, bug-eyes.  But there are a lot of other things that the official AKC standard calls for.  Here is a wonderful reference page with pictures.

Responsible Breeding vs. Backyard Breeding: Serious responsible breeders don't breed for the money but to improve the breed.  Find out how we choose our dogs at Abounding Poodles.

Questions to Ask a Toy Poodle Breeder: Just called a breeder recently who advertised in the newspaper for her "show quality" toy poodles.  After talking to her for 2 minutes I knew that she had never been to a Dog Show in her life.

Choosing the Right Sire and Dam for a Breeding Program:  There is more to breeding responsibly than just getting 2 cute dogs together!  Find out more... Knowledge is power.

What Is the Purpose of AKC Dog Shows?  Dog Shows encourage breeders to improve a breed through friendly competition.  The gene pool found in AKC Champions is the best for promoting the Breed Standard.  They are the cream of the crop.

Why Should You Register With the AKC?  The American Kennel Club has been around since 1884 and provides support and a standard for all pure-bred dog lovers.

Grooming - Why do you give your dogs that funny hairdo?  Are there other alternatives?


Health Concerns

Blindness: 1/3 of all Toy Poodles are carriers of a gene that causes blindness.  Abounding Poodles adult males and females are DNA tested and offer Optigen pattern A (are not carriers of this gene).  Therefore our puppies do not receive this blindness gene from either parent.

CERF Testing: The Canine Eye Registry Foundation (CERF) is an organization devoted to tracking and hopefully eliminating inherited eye disorders in purebred dogs.  Any ocular disease that is heritable is of interest to them, not just progressive retinal atrophy (PRA).

Patellar Luxation:  Many Toy Poodles have knee cap problems that can result in crippled dogs.

von Willebrand's Disease: 10% of all poodles are either carriers or affected by this blood disorder similar to Hemophilia.  Up to date we have never produced a puppy with this disorder and have screened at least 1 parent from every litter via an expensive DNA Test.  Vetgen provides more information on this.

Temperament of Poodles: Temperament is largely genetic.  That's why the Pit Bull is known to be aggressive, the English Bulldog is known to be laid back, and the Poodle is known to be circus dogs (smart to learn new tricks).


Our love for toy poodles and desire to see the breed have a standard of excellence compelled us to originate Abounding Poodles. Nothing we do is an accident, but each puppy is a result of careful breeding for optimal results in health, compliance to the AKC standards, intelligence, sweet temperament and good disposition.