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About Us

Our love for toy poodles and desire to see the breed have a standard of excellence compelled us to originate Abounding Poodles. Nothing we do is an accident, but each puppy is a result of careful breeding for optimal results in health, compliance to the AKC standards, intelligence, sweet temperament and good disposition.  Our poodle babies are God's gift to us to better enjoy life and share this joy with others.

Our Love for Poodles

The name "Abounding" came from the fact that our poodles "abound" with life, affection, beauty, and health. We aim to "Abound" in high quality dogs.

My first poodle was a white female I received as a gift from my parents in 1985, Mila.  I have been in love with this breed ever since because they are so smart, beautiful, loyal, and affectionate.  Their desire is always to please.  There is never a day when they wake up in a bad mood - they are always happy, wagging their tails and so eager to please.

Our Goal in Breeding Poodles

We breed for quality, health, and a sweet disposition.  We believe that if you want to get a poodle, it ought to be a POODLE -- one that fits the standard of the breed in good disposition, cuteness, health, and sweetness.  I would not sell a dog to you if I was not confident that these dogs did not have the health they need to have to be a long-lasting companion.  Please read article: Responsible Breeding Vs. Backyard Breeding.  Also please read Questions to Ask a Toy Poodle Breeder.

Our Involvement in the AKC Dog Shows

One of our hobbies is to be involved in the AKC Dog Shows.  We try to always have a dog either preparing for the show ring or competing in the AKC Dog Shows.  We believe that healthy competition is a great way to always improve the Abounding Poodle lines as we strive for excellence.  Just as a sportsman is always playing against others better than himself to always improve his game, we believe that being involved in the Dog Shows drives us to not be satisfied with just being "average." 

The quality of our dogs speaks for itself: it has given us the good reputation that we seek to maintain.

Health Concerns

Who wants to get attached to a dog, then have the dog go blind or die after a couple of years as a result of inbred genetic diseases?  That's why we have yearly CERF exams and our dogs are tested for PRA (DNA testing for the eyes) and they are all type A.  Poodles are prone to eye disease and you should not buy one that has not been tested, or you will spend lots of money at the vet later.  It is estimated that 1 in 3 poodles are affected (type B or C). See article: Blindness  Our dogs are also OFA certified for their patellar luxation (knees).  Knee problems also plague toy poodles, causing them to become crippled very early.

We have added the DNA Type I von Willebrand's Disease (vWD) screening to our lines done by Vetgen.  Ten percent (10%) of all Poodles are either carriers or affected with this disease.  It is characterized by the abnormally low production of a protein found in the blood called von Willebrand's factor which plays a key role in the complex process of clotting a damaged blood vessel (something similar to Hemophilia).

Please read the Health Concerns Section of our articles by clicking on this link:

Thyroid, Heart, and Hips problems: These are not common to Toy Poodles and absent from my lines.  The new owner may want to electively test the puppy for these problems and if existent, Abounding Poodles will honor the 1 year warranty against genetic diseases given proper documentation and upon the return of the puppy.

Puppy Availability

We may occasionally sell our show quality puppies to qualified show homes.  Our pet quality puppies are sold with a contract / agreement that the new owner will spay or neuter the dog once it is old enough.  The optional AKC registration is limited, meaning that even though the dog is registered, its puppies will not be registerable.  We must do this to protect our dogs from puppy mills, who would take advantage of our dogs' excellent pedigrees to breed them for money (not quality) at the expense of the dog.  Such is the case with many breeders we see in local papers.  Please read
Questions to Ask a Toy Poodle Breeder.

We have a waiting list that receives e-mails from us updating them of what we have available, upcoming litters, videos, pictures, etc.  Once you join the waiting list everyone has the same chance of getting a puppy, no matter how long you have been waiting for one.  I will be sending pictures once they are born so you can follow the progress of the puppies and to help you on your decision.  At that time I will also be sending a questionnaire to potential buyers to select families suitable for the new puppy.  Puppies are ready to leave our home once they are 8 weeks old.  That way they are strong, weaned, and have received all vaccinations.

Shipping is only available if the buyer has first personally seen the puppy during a prior visit.


Health Guarantees

We give 2 separate Health Guarantees with each puppy:

1. 48 hr. Health Guarantee - Once you take the puppy home, please take him / her to the vet within 48 business hours.  If the puppy has any health problems, we will give your money back once the puppy is returned. 

2. 1 year Health Guarantee - in writing.  Please read it online: Health Guarantee Details.

Please take a moment to read a copy of the Abounding Poodle's Sales Contract.

Contact Us

We hope this information has been helpful.   Please feel free to write with any questions that have not been addressed.  Also, please let me know if you'd like to be added to our waiting list.

God Bless,
Don't settle for the backyard breeder!