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Located East of Atlanta in Athens, Georgia

Abounding Poodles
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Our Males

Ch. Shambala Xanti - aka Valentino

Valentino's Video 1

Valentino's Video 2

Valentino's Video 3


Pakito's Video 1

Pakito's Video 2

Our Females

Ch. Macarena

Macarena's Video 1

Macarena's Video 2



Tiny's Video 1

Tiny's Video 2


Bubbles' Video


Chelsea's Video


Past Puppies

Abounding Leo

Leo's Video

Abounding Gus

Gus' Video

Abounding Stewart

Stewart's Video

Abounding Zack I, George, and Sam

Sam Video 1

Sam Video 2

Zack Video

George W.

George W., Zack, and Sam Video

Abounding Rocco, Lilly, and Gavotte

Gavotte Video

Abounding Willie and Priscilla

Abounding Fonzo and Emma

Abounding Lilly Joy

Abounding Opa!

Opa's Video

Abounding Roy

Roy's Video 1

Roy's Video 2

Roy's and Greta's Video



Male or Female?

Pet Quality vs. Show Quality

Official AKC Toy Poodle Standard With Pictures

Responsible Breeding vs. Backyard Breeding

Questions to Ask a Toy Poodle Breeder

Choosing the Right Sire and Dam for a Breeding Program

What Is the Purpose of AKC Dog Shows?

Why Should You Register With the AKC?



CERF Testing

Patellar Luxation

Temperament of Poodles



Ch. Valentino's Pedigree

Ch. Macarena's Pedigree

BR. Ch. Magnolia's Pedigree

Tiny's Pedigree

Savannah's Pedigree

Pakito's Pedigree


Alabama Cities we will sell in:
Cute Toy Poodles - Madison AL

White or Black Poodles - Montgomery

Toy Poodles - Birmingham

AKC Champion Poodles - Huntsville


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Our love for toy poodles and desire to see the breed have a standard of excellence compelled us to originate Abounding Poodles. Nothing we do is an accident, but each puppy is a result of careful breeding for optimal results in health, compliance to the AKC standards, intelligence, sweet temperament and good disposition.