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Abounding Poodles
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Videos of the Abounding Poodles Family

Pakito Roll Over

Pakito's favorite trick, though he knows several others.  He really thinks he is impressing others when he does that.  As a matter of fact, he rolls over to impress female dogs that he wants to court too (but he is neutered).  He is a funny little guy...



Pakito Fetch

Pakito loves to fetch a stick and takes off running and leaping like a little rabbit.  He is such a good sport; he has never been sad for a day in his life.


Macarena's Cat Imitation

After Macarena returned home from the AKC dog shows with her new Champion title, we found that she learned how to clean her face with her paws.  We don't know exactly how she learned it, but perhaps from another dog traveling with the handler?  At any rate, we think it is really cute.

To get her to do this trick for the video, we had to put a little water on her face.  Macarena is also at the end of a pregnancy so she is very fat here.



Macarena Asks for the Ball

Macarena loves to play with a ball.  Watch her as she asks and does tricks to get it!



Tiny's Gait Video

Tiny is just 4 lbs, 9 1/2 inches tall.  Handlers love the way she walks because it is such a good picture of the AKC standard for the way poodles are supposed to walk: "A straightforward trot with light springy action and strong hindquarters drive. Head and tail carried up. Sound effortless movement is essential."



Tiny's Dancing Trick

Tiny has this little dance that we never taught her.  One day while she was in the show ring she decided to try it and she got a big reaction from everybody.  Hungry for attention like she is, she kept doing it and to this day she does her little dance whenever she wants something.




Valentino is still a puppy in this video.  His name serves him well, because he is the most affectionate dog we have.



Valentino Getting Leash Trained

Valentino despises the leash... We have trained him to have more confidence walking with one, which is necessary for him to participate in the dog shows.  He was a good learner and quickly became an AKC Champion in 2006, being ranked in the Top 25 list of Toy Poodles. 




Bubbles is a very sweet girl, bubbling over with life.