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Abounding Gavotte, Lilly II, and Rocco


 Savannah had such sweet puppies in this litter!  Gavotte, Lilly, and Rocco.


Abounding Lilly II

Video: Lilly Retrieving in the Pool

Video: Lilly Playing With Molly, a Lab

"We love Lilly so much. She jumped right in with us and our lab and cat as if they were old lost friends that come back together again! No worries at all. She's a strong healthy 4 lbs now - it took 2 folks to hold her at the vet Thursday for her shots. She gets soooo sore that when she scratches herself she yelps - sooo funny. I hope you enjoy the videos - she LOVES the water and going out in the boat fishing. She TOOK OVER my lounger at the pool. After a swim that's where she lays. My only regret is we didn't try a poodle sooner!"  S. N.


Abounding Rocco

"I just wanted to say that Rocco is doing fine. He is rolly polly and very sweet.  Karlie and Rocco sleep in the bed with me now.  Yes, they are spoiled rotten. :)  I have a fenced in yard with lots of trees and I sit out with them and they run as fast as they can around the trees.  He is catching up quick.  The vet said Rocco will probably get bigger than Karlie. He will weigh more and be stockier but around the same height.  They definitely love each other and curl up together around my head at night. Talk to you soon."   L. W.

More Rocco Pictures:

Rocco learning to go downstairs...



Abounding Gavotte

Video: Gavotte as a Puppy

I just thought I'd touch base with y'all and let y'all know how Gavotte is doing.

He is such a little character---cocky and confident, loving, and spoiled rotten! He gets along great with my other pets. He plays hard with both the lab and the peke, and they enjoy playing with him! He also likes to chase and play with the cats. It is the funniest thing---when he is playing with the cats, he plays LIKE a cat. He uses his paws a lot and head-butts them to show affection. But when he plays with the dogs, he does typical dog stuff, growling and play-biting. It is almost as if he is bi-lingual!

He is a very smart little guy. I only have to show him how to do something once. It is amazing how high he can jump! (I think he learned from the cats.) He is the fastest dog I think I have ever seen, and he can go backwards as fast as he can go forwards. He also sometimes walks on his back legs with his front legs down by his side, just like a little person.

He is perfectly behaved out in public, very docile at the vet's and the groomer's. He walks well on a leash and enjoys going out shopping and visiting relatives. He allows strangers to come up and pet him and doesn't bark or growl at anything. Everyone who sees him wants him! He's a good little ambassador for poodles!

At home, though, he's a lively little terror! He likes to race around the house and can tear up a newspaper in a heartbeat! He's a very vocal little guy (and a good watchdog) with a variety of barks, growls, and odd sounds I can't even begin to describe. It is almost as if he is trying to talk.

We love him dearly and I'm so glad I chose him! He really grew up to be a handsome guy. I'll try to take some pics of him soon and send them to y'all."   T. E.