Pet Quality or Show Quality?

Pet Quality or Show Quality Puppy?

What Is the Difference Between A Pet Quality and A Show Quality Puppy?

A show quality puppy is one which, in the breeder's opinion, should be able to become a champion. A pet quality puppy is less likely, in the breeder's estimation, to become a champion. However, keep in mind that when buying a young puppy (8 weeks to 16 weeks), to guess what that puppy will look like as an adult is an educated estimate. Of course, the older they are, the more accurate that estimate will be.

A pet quality puppy is one that has a minor fault which would disqualify it from being shown; i.e., a different color spot on the chest (or elsewhere), undescended testicle(s), oversize or undersize Toys or Miniatures, an improper bite, bad tail set, etc. However, the feature(s) which disqualify these puppies from the show ring will, in no way, affect their ability to be a wonderful companion.

Pet quality puppies are sold with optional AKC's limited registration form and spay/neuter contracts. Most new owners opt to get no papers at all and save the registration money. The limited registration form is a simple way of saying that although your pet is an AKC registered pure-bred dog, it cannot be bred. And if it were bred, the offspring could not be registered with the American Kennel Club. Using this form is the breeder's way of ensuring that the puppy will not be bred and pass along any undesirable feature to future generations while also protecting the dog from puppy mills. Neutering or spaying your dog also has many other benefits, such as keeping the male from marking his territory and the female from dealing with her cycles. Please read article about males / females.

Our show quality puppies are kept, trained, and groomed accordingly. Show puppies cannot compete in the AKC Dog Shows until they are at least 6 months old. Until then we let their hair grow and watch them carefully to see how well they develop into the Toy Poodle Breed Standard according to the AKC. We carefully measure their height, length, leash train them, and keep up with their weight. When they are of age, we take them to be examined by a professional handler to have another evaluation of the dog. It is only when this dog passes this evaluation that we officially call him / her a "Show Quality" or "Champion Quality" dog. Up until this time we call him / her a "Show Prospect" or a " puppy with Show Potential."

We at Abounding Poodles try to always have a dog either preparing for the show ring or competing in the AKC Dog Shows. We believe that healthy competition is a great way to always improve the Abounding Poodle lines as we strive for excellence. Just as a sportsman is always playing against others better than himself to always improve his game, we believe that being involved in the Dog Shows drives us to not be satisfied with just being "average." The quality of our dogs speaks for itself: it has given us the good reputation that we seek to maintain.

We place show quality puppies in carefully screened show or pet homes, depending on the situation. We may consider placing one of our show quality puppies with a conscientious breeder or in a pet home, provided references and screening process. We will NOT sell our puppies to pet stores, puppy mills, or agents or either. Our pet quality puppies are placed in pet homes with a spay / neuter contract and optional Limited AKC Registration (pet papers).