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Abounding George, Zack I, and Sam


George, Zack I, and Sam




"I just wanted to let you all know that George is doing wonderful.  He has gone outside to do his "business" and has not had an accident  since we brought him home.  He loves his small, fleece-lined crate with his snuggle puppy, blue baby blanket and baby rubber chew bone with matching tassel!  He runs outside everyday with the girls and will come instantly to us when we call his name.  The family is so in love with him and I know he is going to make us a wonderful life- long pet.  Thanks for all your hard work--no one can believe there have been no accidents and that he holds his bladder during the night!"  A. F.

Video: George W. As a Puppy


Zack I

Video: Zack - 30 days old 

This little guy has been the smallest since the day he was born.  He loves to play and to give his little brothers a hard time.  My favorite part is when he jumps like a rabbit off to the right of the screen.  He is available for a good, loving home as a pet.



Video: Sam - 7 weeks old

See how much he has grown from the video below.  Sam is a sweetie.  Just watch the video and you will see.

Video: Sam - 30 days old

Sam has silver markings under his paws and in his legs.  That means that as he grows up his coat will be getting lighter and he will end up being silver.  He is also available for a good, loving home as a pet.





Watch Their Videos Here:

Three Puppies Playing - George W., Zack, and Sam

The three little brothers are playing together at 30 days old.  Very cute.




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