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Chelsea is a blast !  We have so much fun with her.  She is sweet, cuddly, playful, funny... where do we start?  She is one of the top fetchers we have.  She also likes to hunt for birds and squirrels.  Chelsea actually caught a bird once (poodles were originally bred as bird hunting dogs in Germany).

She is also a great lap dog and enjoys sitting on my lap as I work on my desk.  She is very submissive and laid back too... she knows when to play and when to cuddle.

Chelsea's daddy is a Champion, and so is her grand father and great grand father. As a matter of fact, 7 out of 14 dogs in her 3 Generation Pedigree are Champions.  She comes from a long line of pretty, sweet, and healthy dogs.


Chelsea's Video:

Watch Chelsea Fetch a Ball

Chelsea's Pictures: